Thursday 21 February 2019

Most Complete Home Healthcare Provider in Malaysia - Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd

Imagine this scenario: A loved one of yours just got discharged from the hospital to recuperate back home, and he/she requires a list of medical equipment and items but you have no idea where to get them and money isn't a concern but you just do not know where to look for them. You may be able to find certain items but what if it's urgently needed because the discharge is a sudden one and everything is unprepared. 

This is where Lifelink Homecare could step in to assist you. Rather than selling you a product or a service, we sell you the convenience of setting up your home with the needed medical equipment, medical nutrition & medical consumables. 

Based on our experience and feedback in the past 25 years of operation, Lifelink Homecare is the only such company in Malaysia that can supply you with your extensive medical needs in the most efficient way and shortest turnaround time. 

Think Lifelink Homecare, think Convenience.

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