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Hospital Beds for Rent & Sale Malaysia - Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd

Lifelink Homecare have various types of hospital bed available for rent or sale. the common types are listed below:
*Certain types of hospital bed are available for rental on a monthly basis, subject to availability. We deliver to the whole of West Malaysia.

A hospital bed serves multiple functions, depending on the condition of the patient, he/she may require a specific type of bed with specific function. Consult us and see which suits the patient best, we have a comprehensive list of various types of hospital bed for sale. We do not want to sell or rent you a bed that doesn't suit your needs.

      Technical Specifications:
           Height: 420-740mm    
           Backrest: 0° - 90°
           Kneerest : 0° - 25°
           Overall Dimension (mm): 2100(L) x 955(W)  

Hi Lo Double Fowler Mechanical Hospital Bed (Manual). Full-length siderails and hospital grade mattress are also optional at additional cost. This hospital bed comes with half length siderails as standard without mattress.

  • Ultra Low Electric Homecare Bed
     Technical Specifications:
           Hilo: 240-650mm
           Working capacity: 180kg
           Backrest: 0° - 75°
           Auto Contour
           Kneerest: 0° - 45°
           Mattress Dim(mm): 1905(L) X 864(W) x 102(H)
           Overall Dim(mm): 2115(L) x 1013(W)

     Electrical System:
           Linak DC-actuator system
           Voltage: 220-240; 50Hz - 60Hz
           Built in backup battery

Ultra Low Electric Homecare Bed: The over-bed table and mattress shown are optional accessories and are available at additional cost.

Some other types of hospital beds on our inventory list includes
  • Hi Lo Single Fowler Mechanical Hospital Bed (Manual-Cranking) 

  • Fixed Height Single Fowler Mechanical Hospital Bed (Manual-Cranking) 

  • Fixed Height Double Fowler Mechanical Hospital Bed (Manual-Cranking)

  • Fixed Height Flat Base Hospital Bed

  • Electric Homecare Bed [Available for rental in limited units.]

For over 25 years, Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd(837823-W) is a pioneer in providing bespoke healthcare services to individual patients, large organisations, numerous high profile individuals as well as local and overseas government & military organisations. Our services include, but not limited to:
1) Bespoke palliative care, respite care, assisted living services
2) Sale and rental of various equipment(hospital beds, specialised wheelchairs, ICU beds, Ventilators, Oxygen machines and tanks)
3) Sale of Medical consumables & medical nutritions(Nestle/Abbott)
4) Home healthcare consultation
You may contact us or find out more about us through the following means:

Telephone Number: +603 9543 2648




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