Thursday 23 March 2017

Immobile, Tube-feeding, Stroke Patients & Palliative Care Patients Should Know This Centre Exists!

No one ever wants to be in any of the abovementioned situations but in the event such a thing happens, your main priority is to provide the best possible quality of life and care to the patient. By buying some random medical equipment or even hiring a maid to care for the patient is not a proper solution most of the time, as there are specific medical equipment for specific uses and there are numerous underlying aspects to pay attention to when caring for an immobile/ bed-ridden/ tube-feeding or stroke patients.

That said, let us take that part (caring for the patient) worry away from you. There's everything a patient with the above conditions needs at Lifelink Residential Care Centre. We have proper medical equipment, physiotherapist and nurses to render care to our residents. We do not guarantee recovery in any case as we cannot play God, but we certainly have been doing our best and already there have been a few recoveries to our name although we just started not too long ago. To top it all, our first centre is a spacious, clean and relaxing environment to be in which is why we also accept residents who are here for short/long term assisted living stays. You're welcome to make an appointment to view our centre so that you can see for yourself before you decide.

Lifelink Residential Care Centre doesn't only accept residents with medical conditions, we do accept healthy and able-bodied residents for both long term and short term stays, and even day care! Short term stays would be ideal if you're going abroad for some time but wouldn't want your elders to be neglected where they will be taken care here. We also provide palliative care at our centre, enquire to know more.

*We provide Day Care and Short/Long-Term Stay packages. We also cater to palliative care cases. Please enquire for more information.*

Please contact us if you have any enquiries!

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