Wednesday 29 January 2014

Homecare in Malaysia by Lifelink Homecare

Don't have the time & energy to look after a loved one who had just been discharged from the hospital?
Are you thinking of leaving your job to look after someone who requires special homecare needs?
Don't fret, as we are here to provide a total homecare solution to satisfy your post-hospitalization needs if you're facing any of the aforesaid dilemmas.

Don't have the time to look after a loved one(s)?
We are able to arrange private nursing for as long as you require to suit your needs as well as doctor/physiotherapist visits.

What about medical nutrition, medical consumables and medical equipment, where can I get them?
We, too, are able to provide a wide-range of medical nutrition, medical consumables and equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators, enteral feeding supplies, ventilators, wheelchairs, cpap & bipap machine and the list goes, seriously, the list of things that we are able to provide is really long and best of all, we send them right to your doorstep.

That is why we have been branding ourself as a one-stop solution for more than a decade because we know what we do best.

*We are able to provide nursing service and medical equipment to all major towns in the peninsula, just remember to give us the time to do the necessary arrangements.

Do call us if you have any enquiries.

Lifelink Homecare recently established a Lifelink Residential Care Centre, click here to find out more about the new establishment: A New, Comfortable, Spacious & Peaceful Residential Care Centre Managed by Lifelink Homecare

Telephone Number: +603 9543 2648

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