Friday, 11 July 2014

[Supplies of consumables has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us for an alternative for machine for enteral feeding.] Patrol Enteral Feeding Pump & Flexiflo Patrol 1 litre Bag

[The Patrol Enteral Feeding Pump rental has been discontinued as the manufacturing of the consumables for the machine has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us for more info as we have an alternative for enteral feeding.]

Enteral Feeding or tube feeding is a way to deliver medically balanced nutrition suitable for patients who have difficulties in maintaining oral intake. The standard set up of equipment to perform enteral feeding is an enteral feeding pump, drip stand, nasogastric tube (NGT) and enteral feeding bags, which the last two items are consumables. 

If you're looking for enteral feeding supplies, Lifelink Homecare is able to provide you with rental of Patrol Enteral Feeding Pump and the consumables, Flexiflo Patrol 1 litre Bag (Top-Fill Enteral Nutrition Bag) and Ryle's tube (NGT) as well as drip stand and the expertise to operate the machine. 

Patrol Enteral Feeding Pump

Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd has been established for more almost 20 years, providing private nursing/palliative care with a wide range of medical consumables, equipment and medical nutrition in our inventory available.
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