Wednesday, 10 October 2018

For Sale/Rental: Electric Wheelchair, Ventilator, Hospital Bed, Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Tank, Kangaroo E Pump etc [Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd]

Convenience + Efficient Service Delivery + Good Quality Medical Equipment = Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd

We provide a wide range of medical equipment from electric wheelchairs, oxygen concentrator, various hospital beds.. to ventilators, kangaroo feeding pump and various medical consumables etc, most of the basic necessities that is essential in facilitating a patients' homecare needs. 

We have been established for almost 20 years in Malaysia, and is the pioneer in providing a convenience to thousands of patients in terms of their homecare needs. Wonder how we can help you? Get in touch with us. 

We can be contacted through:
Telephone Number: +603 9543 2648

Last Updated 27/03/2019

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