Wednesday 17 August 2016

How Much is The Care of Your Parents Worth? [Founder's Note]

"How much is the care of your parents worth? Too often we heard during a funeral the children will say that the deceased has not had the life they deserve. When we are young, our parents will give us the best even if they have to hold back hunger. I am saying this because I am guilty too and I am sorry not to have the 2nd chance to care for my parents again!

It is not possible for any children to be by their parents side 24 X 7. Nursing homes, old folks homes are dreadful sounding establishment.

To redeem my guilt, I have set up the best top class care centre in Malaysia under Lifelink Homecare Residential Care Centre. Whether your loved ones are recovering from serious illness, lack of proper care at home or even need temporary care while you travel, we will be there to take care of them. You can even send them to our place for day care, it is very comforting indeed to know that your mom/dad is eating well, taking prescribed medication and someone is there to look after them.

The center has just commenced operation and we can only cater to 16 full time cases in a big and very nicely renovated bungalow. There are security staff, nurses, in-house physiotherapists and doctors on call when required. The staff to patients ratio is ideally 1:2 but currently we are running it at 7:2.

Come in for a visit and you will never look at care centers in the same light again.
Even if you do not need such service now, kindly do a kind deed by sharing this posts so that someone else's life can be touched by your kindness!

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu! God bless!"

- Founder's Note

Get to know more about Lifelink Residential Care Centre here: A New, Comfortable, Spacious & Peaceful Residential Care Centre Managed by Lifelink Homecare 

*We provide Day Care and Short/Long-Term Stay packages. We also cater to palliative care cases. Please enquire for more information.*

Check out Lifelink Residential Care Centre website here: 

A brief introduction of Lifelink Homecare: 

Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd has been established for almost 20 years, providing private nursing/palliative care with a wide range of medical consumables, equipment and medical nutrition in our inventory available.

You may contact us or find out more about us through the following means: 
Telephone Number: +603 9543 2648 

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