Tuesday, 2 August 2016

For Sale/Rent: Fixed Height Single Fowler Hospital Bed for Rent or Sale

For Sale/Rent: Fixed Height Single Fowler Hospital Bed for rent or sale (

Are you looking for a easily affordable and simple hospital bed to facilitate the care of your loved one? This Fixed Height Single Fowler may just do the job. 

- It is quite inconvenient and not feasible to elevate the upper body on a normal bed especially when the elevation is more than 30°. With just a crank on this bed, you will be able to elevate the upper body of the patient without a fuss to an upright sitting position that's 90°. 

- Being a hospital bed, you would also be able to attach medical equipment to the bed such as traction equipment and drip pole.

- Despite being a fixed height bed, this hospital bed will be able to facilitate the carer where the carer may not need to bend as much and strain their backs to render care where most normal bed may be lower. 

Take a look at other more advanced hospital bed that we have available for sale or rent (certain models) by clicking at the link below:
 Hospital Beds for Sale & Rental - Lifelink Homecare


A brief introduction of Lifelink Homecare:

Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd has been established for almost 20 years, providing private nursing/palliative care with a wide range of medical consumables, equipment and medical nutrition in our inventory available.

Lifelink Homecare recently established a Lifelink Residential Care Centre, click here to find out more about the new establishment: A New, Comfortable, Spacious & Peaceful Residential Care Centre Managed by Lifelink Homecare

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