Tuesday 2 February 2016

How Lifelink Homecare Can Help You In Your Homecare/ Post-Hospitalization Needs.

Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd has been established for almost 25 years, providing private nursing/palliative care with a wide range of medical consumables, medical equipment and medical nutrition. As a one-stop solution, we are here to do our best to fulfill your homecare/post-hospitalization needs.

*Disclaimer: Yes, Lifelink Homecare is able to provide the products and services below but we advice customers to provide us with ample time to make arrangements because time factor plays an important role in arranging for any sort of service to be delivered.

  •     Medical equipment - We have the capability to equip your house with essential homecare equipment for example: hospital beds, wheelchairs & commodes, oxygen equipment, ripple mattress, fingertip pulse oximeter etc. Most of which are equipment that are essential for the care of a patient in their own home. You may read more about some of the hospital beds and oxygen equipment available from us by clicking on the respective links. Delivery of medical equipment can be arranged to any part of the Peninsula as long as there is confirmation and ample time for arrangements to be made.

  •     Medical Consumables - We have a wide range of medical consumables so it may be best if you could call us during office hours to find out if we have the specific item that you need in store. Among the most common medical consumables that we do have in store are NGT tubes/Ryle's tube, suction catheter, condom catheter, Kangaroo enteral feeding bags (single/double), nasal cannula/oxygen mask, oxygen tank regulators etc.

  •     Medical Nutrition - Call us for any enquiries on medical nutrition.

  •     Private Nursing - Arrangements can be made for a private nurse to be on duty by the side of your loved one at the comfort of your own home. The nursing experience that the patient gets from our nurse will definitely be better compared to a hospital because in our case it's a one-on-one nursing care environment.

  •     Ambulance transfer - Ambulance transfer service is available and we encourage early notification of requiring the service.

Apart from delivering our services to your own home, we have a residential care centre catered for those who doesn't have time but at the same time wish to give their loved one quality care and good quality of life. Here's our founder's note regarding the opening of the one of a kind Lifelink Residential Care Centre: How Much is The Care of Your Parents Worth? [Founder's Note]

An excerpt from the note: "There are security staff, nurses, in-house physiotherapists and doctors on call when required. The staff to patients ratio is ideally 1:2 but currently we are running it at 7:2.
Come in for a visit and you will never look at care centers in the same light again.

*We provide Day Care and Short/Long-Term Stay packages at our residential care centre, please enquire for more information.*


You may contact us or find out more about us through the following means:

Telephone Number: +603 9543 2648




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