Thursday, 30 July 2015

Are You Searching for Medical Oxygen Equipment?

Are you looking for medical oxygen equipment? Here at Lifelink Homecare, we have a few options for you to choose ranging from 2ft oxygen tanks, 5ft oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators and also ventilators. All of the options are available for purchase and rental. Rest assured, the oxygen contents in the oxygen tanks are medical oxygen. You may also get them for your home oxygen therapy. Click here to view images of our 2ft & 5ft tanks and oxygen concentrator : For Sale/Rental: Oxygen Tanks & Oxygen Concentrators

We will be pleased to answer you if you have any enquiries or maybe you may not know which type of oxygen equipment best suit your situation.

*We provide delivery to whole of Malaysia but do give us ample time to mobilize and also mutual delivery agreements for certain cases (5ft oxygen tanks are only available in Peninsular Malaysia).

Lifelink Homecare Sdn Bhd has been established for almost 20 years, providing private nursing/palliative care with a wide range of medical consumables, equipment and medical nutrition in our inventory available.

You may contact us or find out more about us through the following means:

Telephone Number: +603 9543 2648

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